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Portland Yacht Club promotes a wide variety of sailing activities from classes for beginners, to hosting racing regattas, providing organized cruisers on the Columbia River and Pacific Northwest ports, to encouraging blue water extended cruises.

PYC hosts several regattas a year through our sailing committee.  Every Wednesday evening in June the Club hosts the members-only race series called the Mauni Elliott.  Mid-October through mid-March there is a semi-formal series each Sunday, except holidays, called Sailing on Sundays.  Typically over thirty boats gather to race taking turns to be race committee.  A number of PYC boats participate and the clubhouse is open for all racers following the races.

PYC does not host any offshore races, however, the Club has a long history of participation in those races starting in the early 1950s when a PYC boat competed in the TransPac, the race between Long Beach, California to Honolulu, Hawaii.  Since then PYC boats and crews have participated in multiple offshore races. 

Many of the club sailboats are avid cruisers, and the PYC Outstation on Sauvie Island is a popular destination.  The Club has organized cruises there as well as ports and anchorages on local rivers, with destinations from Astoria to the upper Columbia River region.  During the summer the Club usually has an offshore cruise to ports north.  Three PYC boats have circumnavigated the world with the most recent completing their journey in 2013.