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Associate, Junior, Intermediate, Surviving Spouse

Boat Owning Memberships

  • All of the benefits of an Associate membership listed above
  • At-cost gas and diesel prices at the club’s members-only fuel pumps
  • On-site pumpout facility
  • Access to the members-only Willow Bar Outstation on Sauvie Island
  • Voting Eligibility
    • PYC is a member-run organization. Twice annual membership meetings provide opportunities for the Board of Trustees to present proposals requiring membership approval by majority vote.



Upon making application to the Club, the applicable fee, in the form of a personal check (Except Junior age 16 – 20), must accompany the completed Application and Membership Agreement (including Sponsor signatures) as well as a picture ID for each applicant.   Background checks will be performed on all applicants and an approval to do so is required with each application.  Initiation Fees are based on the age of the individual or the age of the older person in the case of two applicants and the type of membership.




Boat Owning/Non-Mooring Boat Owning             $197.82

(includes $18 Outstation Fee)

Senior1 Boat Owning $107.82 (includes $18 Outstation Fee)
Intermediate1 Boat Owning $107.82

(includes $18 Outstation Fee)

Associate3 $116.88  


Senior Associate2 $89.92  
Surviving Spouse $22.52  
Junior (Age 16-20) $270.30 Annually (Due January 25th)
Non-Resident4 $270.30

Annually (Due January 25th)

1Senior Boat Owning must be a member for more than 40 years; Intermediate members must be between 21 and 35 years of age.
2Senior Associate must be a member for more than 10 years, at least 60 years of age, and have retired from boating.
3Associate Members may not own a “Moorage Qualifying” Boat within 100 miles of PYC.
4Must be a current member to qualify.  Not available for new membership.

Moorage fees are charged as the sum of Base Rate per slip or boathouse space ($99.67) plus the square footage occupied @ $.1349 per square foot*. Typically, the total cost for moorage space varies from $150 for a small sailboat to $400 for a very large boathouse. 
*Fees for open moorage single slips on concrete rows are 11% higher ($108.46 + $.150/sf).

A $16.00 electric base fee is charged for all PYC moorage slip assignments.   Electric meters owned by PYC members will be billed for electricity use at the rate of 9 cents per kilowatt used.   City water is included with your moorage fees.

All Boat Owning, Non-Mooring Boat Owning, Senior Boat Owning, and Intermediate Boat Owning, are subject to the monthly $18 Outstation Fee.  This fee is used for maintenance of the Outstation throughout the year.

*Does not apply for Surviving spouse, Junior, Non-Resident, Associate, or Senior Associate members.

Current minimum per calendar quarter minimum for food and beverage expenditures is $75. All cruising and in-house charges for food and beverage apply to this minimum. Ship’s Store purchases do not count towards the minimum. Only the unspent portion will be billed at the end of each calendar quarter.  Senior Boat Owning and Senior Associate are required to spend 50% of the standard food and beverage fee.

*Does not apply for surviving spouse, junior, or non-residents.

All fees shown are effective July 15, 2023