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Commodore: Ron Hodgson

Ron was born and raised in Seattle, and attended Washington State University in Pullman. After school, he moved to Southern California where he met his wife, Cathy, and started his career in software development. Together they have two boys, Wyatt and Morgan. 

His first experience sailing was as a young boy on his father’s 20’ Ranger on Lake Washington. At the time, all he could say about the experience was that it was not a ski boat. Later, when he was older and living in Southern California, memories of those days on his dad’s boat made him keen to try sailing as a grown up. He joined the Aventura Sailing Club in Dana Point and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Unfortunately, once he started his family, sailing in Southern California was no longer compatible with his budget. Just over six years ago, they moved back to the Pacific Northwest to be near extended family. Soon after, while attending a charity auction, his amazing wife bid on and won a sailboat charter to the San Juan Islands. It was that trip that rekindled his love for sailing. One year later Ron and his wife had completed a year of sailing with Island Sailing Club here in Portland. Soon after, they bought our first sailboat, a Catalina 30 with a huge graphic of Garfield the Cat painted on the side. They named her SweetPea and loved everything about her. They discovered the Portland Yacht Club during a visit to the boat show and it didn’t take long to realize they had found our second family. 

They are now on their second boat, Flo, a Catalina 310. Cathy and Ron have been involved with a number of committees here at the club, and are actively involved in local sailboat racing; Ron as crew and Cathy on Committee boat. Ron have crewed on various PYC member boats for regattas, weeknight racing and Sailing on Sundays. They feel very lucky to have found a second home here at PYC and look forward to the future with their second family.

Vice Commodore: Glenn Moragne

Growing up in Hawaii with the ocean as his playground, water sports became a big part of Glenn’s life. Diving, surfing, canoe racing and fishing occupied his time with family and friends. When the seas got spicy while out in their small fishing boat, Glenn’s dad would put him at the helm to keep him occupied and learning to go with the flow and this likely led to Glenn’s love of operating boats no matter their shape and size.

Glenn and Lynae Forbes married in 2010 and their common love of life on the water led them to the San Juan Islands to learn to sail. From there, owning boats and waterfront views would be their shared passion. After buying their first sailboat in 2012, they joined PYC for moorage and a desire to glean river boating knowledge from the collective membership. On their fourth boat in ten years (3 sail and now a power boat) they might be accused of being serial boat buyers. Ten years later, Glenn has gotten to know the club and made a lot of great friends through hosting weekend cruises, participating in Moorage Upgrade and Long-Range Planning committees, and serving on the board as a trustee.

Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Bradford

Michael was born in Miami but grew up in Spain where his family owned an African animal Safari Park.  He attended boarding school in Connecticut and then the University of California at Davis. After college, he worked in Washington, D.C. and then served in the US Navy as a Navigator on a ship supporting operations in the Balkans, Haiti and Persian Gulf. After the Navy, he worked in Central America where he was an agricultural commodities broker. He bought and imported avocados, limes and mangoes.
He first learned to sail during childhood summers spent on the coast of Maine at his grandparent’s cottage. He purchased his first sailboat when he was 28 years old and lived aboard the boat for 4 years in San Francisco during the late 1990’s.
He met his wife Amy while he was a passenger on an expedition ship traveling from Tahiti to Easter Island; she was one of the expedition leaders.  Amy grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska but is a fifth generation San Franciscan. She graduated from the University of Oregon. With a degree in Marine Biology, she made six voyages to Antarctica working with NOAA.
Michael and Amy married in 2000 and promptly set sail on a two-year honeymoon cruise with their 34’ sailboat.  Starting in California, they sailed back to Easter Island and eventually wintered over in Patagonia, Chile.  When their first child arrived, they moved to Portland, Oregon. They now have three children and have lived in Portland for 21 years. Between 2014 and 2016, they departed on another sailing voyage. They homeschooled their three young children aboard their 42’ sailboat while visiting 40 countries and sailing 26,000 miles.
Michael joined PYC in 2011, and he regularly sails and races on the Columbia River.  In addition to being on several committees, he had the previous honor of serving two years on the Board of Trustees. “The Portland Yacht Club has a splendid history and a bright future,” said Michael. “I look forward to being a part of it.”

Rear Commodore: Tim Carman

Tim grew up in Michigan, learned to sail on the Lakes, and spent many winters deep-sea fishing off the Florida coast.  After moving to Portland in the early 1980’s, he began racing sailboats on the Columbia, and participated in several Oregon Offshore and other ocean races.  He met Vicky Jorgensen at the Lake Oswego Hunt Club and they were married in 1985.  Vicky’s main interests are equine, but her sailing bona-fides were earned racing dinghies while growing up in Maryland.  Vicky’s family eventually returned to their native Portland, and her father, Victor, was a close mentor of all things nautical to Tim. Tim and Vicky joined PYC in 1998 and Tim served on the board as a trustee in 2000-2002.  He is also a past Commodore of SYSCO.  They left the club in 2005 after selling their boat but rejoined in 2016.

Vicky and Tim owned a succession of sailboats including a Cal 25 (Vim), Cal 40 (Firebird), and Heritage 20 (Ellie) before purchasing Ibis, a Devlin trawler in 2015.  They have since cruised Ibis on the Columbia and in the San Juan Islands, as well as attending several Wooden Boat Festivals in Port Townsend.

Professionally, Tim has worked in the fire suppression industry since 1985 and is a Registered Fire Protection Engineer.  Vicky has had a long career in marketing, including over 20 years at Intel, followed by establishing her own business.

Returning to PYC after a long absence made Tim and Vicky appreciate the family of friends they have here and all that the club has to offer even more deeply.  They are both glad to have the opportunity to give back!


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