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Portland Yacht Club promotes a wide variety of sailing activities from classes for beginners, to hosting racing regattas, providing organized cruisers on the Columbia River and Pacific NW ports, to encouraging blue water extended cruises.

For those who would like to learn to sail PYC has a reciprocal agreement with Willamette Sailing Club whereby PYC members and their family members may take sailing classes at the same rate as if they belonged to WSC.  The PYC sailing committee has also provided a seminar for first time racers.  A great way to learn to sail and race is to crew for others; PYC has ample opportunities to do just that.

PYC hosts several regattas a year through our sailing committee.  Every Wednesday in June the Club puts on our members only race series called the Mauni Elliot.  Mid-October through mid-March there is a semi-formal series each Sunday, except holidays, called Sailing on Sundays.  Usually 30 to 40 boats gather to race taking turns to be race committee.  This is not a PYC event but a number of PYC boats participate and our bar is open for all racers to come and brag or commiserate afterwards.

PYC does not host any offshore races, however, the Club has a long history of participation in those races starting in the early 1950s when a PYC boat named Janie entered and completed the TransPac, the race between Long Beach, California to Honolulu.  Since then PYC boats and crews have participated in each of the four races from the West Coast to one of the Hawaiian Islands.  In the 1990s our Rage held the record for the fastest time in the PacCup.  Other than the Singlehanded Transpac, where we had one PYC boat enter in 2018, each PYC boat has a crew of at least 6 plus a returning crew.  And although perhaps not all the boats over the years had 100% PYC member crews one can imagine how many members have been involved.  This is also true of the yearly Oregon Offshore race from the mouth of the Columbia to Victoria Harbor.  Several members have entered that race more than 30 times.

You may have heard of the Race to Alaska where entrants row and sail boats every year from Port Townsend to Ketchikan.  This must be done in boats with no engines onboard and no outside assistance.  PYC has its first member entrant this year 2020.

Cruising:  what could be a better weekend destination than our Outstation on Sauvie Island.  The Club has organized cruises there as well as ports and anchorages from Astoria to Millers Island past The Dalles Dam.  And every two years the Club has an offshore cruise to ports north.  Three PYC boats have circumnavigated the world.  The latest returned in 2013 and 10 PYC members joined that boat along the way.  Since 2014 two PYC boats have gone through the Panama Canal to the US East Coast and one continued on to Europe before returning.  Each wrote accounts of their voyages which were published in our monthly newsletter.   The most recent live presentation of a voyage was February 22, 2020, called Panama Canal and Beyond.

In each of these categories the truly amazing thing about PYC sailors is how they help one another in word and deed.  Advise, engine repair help, pulling a neighbor up a mast all can be had on the PYC docks.