Mobile Apps

We all use apps on our smartphones for various boating and navigational purposes.  But with hundreds of apps to choose from, how does one select the right ones without wasting too much time and money?  For this, you can trust your fellow PYC members!

The following apps have been recommended by other PYC members.  PYC members, if you use an app that is not listed, use this submission form to send information about it and a short statement on why you like it, and I'll add it to the list.

Apps for Android

Official Google Play site

US Tides - Free

  • Seven days tides tables and charts for more than 3000 US locations as provided by NOAA. Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset times and moon phase.

Sailsafe - Free

  • Anchoring monitor

Nautical Flags - Free

  • A-Z list of nautical flags with their ICS meanings.

American Sailing Association - Free

  • Four major functional tabs: Position, Log Book, Reference and Online resources.
  • "Good resource for buoys, lights, knots and flags." - Xavier

Yachts & - Free

  • Sailing news.
  • "Great for the news junkies!" - Xavier

Yacht Timer - trial

  • Race starting sequence.
  • "Free version without the sound. Paid version can speak the time." - Xavier

WeatherBug - $2.99

  • Access the world’s largest network of real-time weather sensors for forecasts.

NOAA Buoys Live Marine Weather - Free

  • Access Any NOAA Buoy data.
  • "Neat way to monitor the Columbia River Bar." - Xavier

Apps for Apple

iPhone - Weather

Intellicast - FREE

  • Very strong app for general weather information, can break out predictive wind, rain, temp and predictive forecast by hour.  Good 10 day forecast also. - Marc Peterson

Intellicast Boating for iPhone - $4.99

  • Covers everything above, but also bouys, wave height, tides, water temps, and marine forecasts.  This is a great toolbox. - Marc Peterson

Sailflow - Free

  • Great maps with weather stations and wind/weather data indicated.  In depth analysis and graphs, including predictions.  Nice alarm feature alerts when it's time to go sailing. - Marc Peterson

Wind Alert - Free

  • Much like SailFlow

Other Apps

Tide Graph - $1.99

  • Tide Graph uses the harmonic predictions from thousands of US coastal stations and presents them in a fun and interactive graph. You also get an intuitive graph that shows sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and moon phase at a glance. Save recent locations, find locations using GPS location, and save graphs for later.
  • Great App for transiting the Columbia River and elsewhere tides are a factor - Doug Foster

US Tides Free

  • Pretty useful app for local tides, and iPhone locates the nearest tides that might be relevant. - Marc Peterson

Sail Safe - $2.99

  • This app shows other vessels on the water, what they are doing, predicts possible problems and helps you to make choices based on proper boating practices (rules of the road). - Marc Peterson

DragQueen - Free

  • Anchor alarm lets you set your drag distance to alarm and monitors your position so you can sleep well!! - Marc Peterson

Elvstrom Starter - Free

  • Basic race starter app.  Pretty nice, simple tool. - Marc Peterson

Sky Guide - $1.99


My Yacht App - Free

  • Log
  • Location alerts
  • Weather

iPad Apps

Intellicast HD Weather - Free

  • In my opinion, this is the best general weather program and format out there.  Great interface and loads of data, AND FREE! - Marc Peterson

iNavX Marine Navigation - $49.99

  • This app functions as a full service chart plotter using NOAA charts.  AWESOME! Shows SOG, direction of travel, and your location, and automatically asks if you want to download the next chart in the direction of your travel. - Marc Peterson

MotionX GPS HD - $1.99

  • Much like iNavX and now has some navigation charts, but not as good as iNavX.  Can't beat the price though! - Marc Peterson

Marine Traffic Ships & Wind - $3.99

  • Shows ships and vessels on the water, including AIS information about the vessel, their direction of travel and speed.  Even shows photos of the vessel so you will recognize it when you see it. - Marc Peterson

Boaters Pocket Reference - $4.99

  • A full copy of the useful little book! - Marc Peterson

Apps for Windows8

Official Windows App Store.

Ocean Data - Free

  • Displays tide predictions as well as current weather buoy conditions at over 4000 locations, primarily in the US.

Boater Marine GPS - Free

  • Speed and direction in your kayak.
  • "Responsive even at very low speeds." - Xavier