Portland Yacht Club

The foundation of Portland Yacht Club is its membership. From young families, to retired couples, to singles, PYC has a diverse group of individuals that comprise its family. Without this group, none of the exciting activities PYC has to offer would occur. We invite you to explore the many benefits of membership in one of the premier yacht clubs in the Northwest.

Prospective Members

Power and sailboat owners, as well as those interested in a social membership, are invited to check out PYC membership options. Please call our office at 503-285-1922 for details, or send us your contact information in the form below and we will reach out to you.


New Member Process

After filling out the application, a prospect must have two signatures by members in good standing, as sponsors. The application is then verified and validated by two trustees, and goes to the Board for review by the trustees. All applications are posted on the clubhouse bulletin board for feedback from existing members. Between the first and second Board meetings, new prospects are interviewed by a trustee who makes a recommendation for membership. Finally, the Board reviews the application a second time including all feedback before a final vote.