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Commodore: Bob Morgan

Bob, the oldest of eight, was born in Seattle Washington and has many happy memories boating on the Puget Sound.

At the age of fifteen his family relocated to Portland and he attended Grant High School. In his senior year (1969) a younger brother introduced him to Bonita, a junior at Franklin High School. They were married in 1973 and in 1977 welcomed their only child, Angela. Today they are the proud grandparents of two boys, Trent and Wade.

Bob’s work experience started after high school by going to the General Motors training school, then moving to fabricating large trucks, later moving to industrial manufacturing equipment. As he moved through job experiences he was always upgrading his electrical licenses and in 1985 he and a partner started a company called Electric Works Inc. This company continues today specializing in the installation, repair and rewiring of industrial manufacturing equipment. Bonita came to work in the office in 1988 and retired in 2016. Bob has come to an agreement with two long-time employees that has put into place an exit strategy.

Bob’s love of the water carried into their everyday life with the purchase of their first boat in 1978, and continued on with Bob building a floating home in 1991 that they still have today. In 2006 they purchased their first M/V and began cruising on the Columbia, meeting other boaters (most of them belonging to PYC). In 2007 Bob decided to purchase their present boat, My Outlet, and joined Portland Yacht Club that same year.

Over the years Bob has been involved with several committees such as House and Grounds and Technical. Bob has volunteered for the closed and open moorage upgrade work-parties and served as a Trustee in 2016.


Vice Commodore: Barbara Woodford

Barbara was born and raised in Michigan.  After graduating from college, she moved to Washington D.C., where she met her husband, Tom, a Portland native, who was completing a summer internship.  They returned to Portland and Tom went to work for his dad, Neil.  Tom and Barbara were married in 1979.  They are the proud parents of two boys, Devin and Garret, and daughter-in-law, Angie.

Barbara has been a workers’ compensation attorney for 36 years.  Tom is the president of Neil Kelly Co, which his father started in 1947.

Tom and Barbara bought their first sailboat, a San Juan 24 (Gambit), and began racing in 1977.  Racing was such a big part of their lives that they moved onto a floating home on Tomahawk Island in 1979.  In 1982, they moved their house across North Portland harbor to Bridgeton Road, where they still live.  They keep a Boston Whaler at the house to motor up to the club on warm summer evenings.  Over the years, they bought and raced and sold a Choate 27 (Chicanery), Santana 30/30 (Knockout), J35 (Blue Streak), and J122 (Anam Cara).  After a life-changing trek in Nepal in 2018, they downsized to JamJam, a J88, which is moored at the club.  Tom still races, and, Barbara, who had become more of a cruiser and fair weather racer, is back to racing.  They have sailed the San Juan and Gulf Islands, chartered in Greece, the BVI, and the Apostle Islands (Lake Superior), and sailed with friends in Mexico.

Barbara and Tom joined PYC in 1988.  Tom served as a trustee in the mid-1990's.  Barbara joined the board as a trustee in 2017.  They love gathering with friends at PYC and were especially proud to share the club with family and friends for Garret and Angie’s wedding in 2016.


Rear Commodore: Frank Bocarde

Frank and his wife Lynne are Portland natives. Frank spent most of his professional life working for the Meier & Frank Company, starting with a part time job while in college and ending as Director of Logistics, with responsibility for the movement of merchandise from the time it left the manufacturer, through the distribution center, and until it was delivered to the stores. Frank and Lynne actually met at the Lloyds Center store in 1968 (Lynne also had a summer job there), and the rest was history. They have one daughter and two grandchildren.  Lynne retired a couple years ago after a forty year career as a pediatric nurse at Emmanuel Hospital.

In the mid-seventies they decided to take up sailing as something the family could do together, and after several interesting learning experiences they began racing in a Ranger 20 and progressed through another four boats until they bought Bluefin in 2009, still racing to this day. They participated in many regattas (including some at PYC) in the 1970’s and in 1977 Frank decided that the river needed another sailing organization so he, along with a lot of help, founded SYSCO (the Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon). The club incorporated in 1978 and Frank served as Commodore for the first two years (Lynne was commodore in 1990). Today, SYSCO is still going strong with over a 120 members and puts on more races than any other club on the river.  Frank also spent 6 years on a River Safety Committee, helping to coordinate the efforts of all the different government agencies that have vessels on the River (Coast Guard, Mult. Co. River Patrol, Portland Fire, etc.).

Over the years cruising also became a passion and they have cruised extensively in Puget Sound as well as chartering and enjoying sailing in the Caribbean, Southern California, and New Zealand. Frank and Lynne joined PYC in 1999 and Frank has served as a Trustee in 2011 and 2012, along with being co-chair of the Open Moorage Design Committee, co-chair of the Moorage Upgrade Committee and along with Lynne has served on the Cookout, Entertainment and House and Grounds Committees.


Secretary / Treasurer: Floyd Jones



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  • David Gunsul
  • John Fettig

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