How much does membership cost?
See Initiation and Monthly Dues pages.
Can I join the club if I do not have a boat?
Yes, see the Associate membership category on the Monthly Dues page.  This is our "social" membership.
How do I get a slip at PYC?
Check out Article V of the Moorage Rules of Portland Yacht Club (P31) in PYC's 2018 Bylaws & Rules.
How do I get a user account for the members-only section of the web site?
Email webmaster@portlandyc.com with the username you'd like to use.
What is the ratio of powerboats vs. sailboats at the PYC?
50/50 - PYC strives to keep both membership and slip assignments at 50/50.
Does the Club have a Food and Beverage minimum?
Yes, $75/quarter; see Article 1 Section 7 of the rules in PYC's 2018 Bylaws & Rules.
Do I need to be a member to book a private party?
No, but rental applications require member sponsorship and approval from the board of trustees.
What the PYC visiting boat policy?
See the Reciprocal Information page.
Are live-aboard allowed?
Not on a continuous basis. Members may stay on board any 10 days maximum in a month. There are no gray/blackwater sewer connections, and no toilets are allowed in boat houses. See Article IV, Section 1.T, Live Aboard Vessels and Overnight Stays (P33) in PYC's 2018 Bylaws & Rules.
Which members of my family does the membership include?
Membership covers both spouses in a legal marriage. See details in Article 1, Section 1. Requirements (P10) in PYC's 2018 Bylaws & Rules.
Do all children require a membership in the Club?
Children, of club members, younger than 16 do not require a membership. Young adults between 16 and 21 who want to be active in club affairs and wish to accrue seniority for future considerations must become Junior Members. See details in Article 1, Section 2. B. Junior (P10) in PYC's 2018 Bylaws & Rules.

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