Monthly Dues



Monthly Dues

Membership Category Monthly Dues
Boat Owning $162.98*
Associate** $96.19
Senior Boat Owning $88.99*
Senior Associate $73.99
Intermediate (Age 21-35) $88.99*
Junior (Age 16-20) $221.97 annually
Surviving Spouse $18.50
Non-Resident $221.97 annually

*Includes $15 Outstation Fee

**Eligible Associate Members do not own a Powerboat capable of overnight stay (head and galley) or a sailboat of 20ft or longer in length.

Moorage Fees

Moorage fees are charged as the sum of Base Rate per slip or boathouse space ($82.74) plus the square footage occupied @ $.1143 per square foot. Typically, the total cost for moorage space varies from $90 for a small sailboat to $300 for a very large boathouse.

Food & Beverage Fees

There is a $75 per calendar quarter minimum for food and beverage expenditures. All cruising and in-house charges for food and beverage apply to this minimum. Only the unspent portion will be billed at the end of each calendar quarter.

Note: Dues and Fees are effective as of January 2, 2018  are subject to change at any time with Board of Trustees and member approval